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Ray has practiced yoga since 1992. Despite being a disabled veteran, Ray continues to stay fit and healthy, due in large part to his yoga practice. At first this practice was sporadic, typically 2-3 times per month. Then in 1998, sciatica, followed by back surgery, led Ray to increase the regularity and focus of his yoga practice. In 2009 Ray successfully completed his 200-hour Teacher Training, with Yogawork's Jeanne Heileman. At the conclusion of this training, he began a daily practice. He began to teach in 2010 and has taught regular classes at Source Yoga, Spectrum Athletic Club, and Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation.

The motivation to teach is based on Ray's desire to share the joy, flexibility, strength, and balance that he has found in his yoga practice. His yoga teaching style is to begin with gentle warm-ups, moving gradually into a vigorous flow, followed by cooling poses before Savasana. The Parks & Recreation classes were called "Gentle Exercise for Optimal Health." They consisted of breath-work, followed by 1/2 hour of gentle exercise, which is followed by 10 minutes of meditation. The gentle exercise is "yoga inspired" and consists predominantly of Viniyoga techniques for a daily practice. Based on these techniques, the class varied, both in the exercise routine, and in the meditations.

The foundation of Ray's yoga practice is breathwork and meditation. The body movements and poses are a means to bring the focus onto these two aspects of the practice, both on and off the mat.